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Let Stonebridge Guide You along Life's Difficult Pathways Let Stonebridge Support your Financial Needs
Let Stonebridge Guide You along Life's Difficult Pathways
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Get with the Plan: Income needed to turn financial life around
April 28, 2013 -- Toni, 57, was left with a financial mess when she and her husband divorced five years ago. He refused to pay any portion of their kids’ college educations and she agreed to release any hold on his retirement accounts so she could keep the family home. Now Toni is out of work, barely making ends meet and she’s looking at the sole responsibility for college tuition. -- » Read More
Blog Talk Radio: Financial Security: Preparing for the Worse
April 2013 -- Are you overwhelmed, in addition to grieving, around your finances since becoming head of your household? Do you understand how to invest your money for your future? Does the money run out before the month ends? Join me and my guest Jennifer Murray, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) as we address these and many other concerns around your finances.» Listen on List
Ask the Biz Brain
January 30, 2012 -- I plan to divorce my husband who has five credit cards in his name only. I am not authorized for any of the credit cards. My husband recently amassed a $13,500 debt on the cards. When I divorce him, am I liable for any of his debt? I have tried to talk to his credit card representatives but they refuse to talk to me because I am not on the credit cards and not authorized to use the cards. -- » Read More
Ask the Biz Brain
September 19, 2011 -- My husband is very secretive about his finances. We own a home and a condo, and we had a flood in the basement of our home. After this, I learned my name was not on the homeowners policy. It was originally. A check came for the damages to the home and he cashed it without fixing anything. It's been five months already and if I ever bring up the money, he just yells. What are my rights? Do I have any claim to the insurance money with a policy bearing only his name? -- » Read More
Investment News: Fund Investors Throw in the Towel
September 4, 2011 -- During the four-week period ended August 24, estimated net outflows from stock funds totaled $44.5 billion, making it likely that August will earn the dubious distinction of becoming the biggest month for net outflows from such funds since October 2008. » Read More
September 2, 2011 -- There are few more wrenching events in life than losing your spouse. But to make matters worse, the death of a life partner also unleashes a torrent of financial tasks. And more often than not, it is a woman — a widow — who is taking them on. » Read More
Ask the Biz Brain
July 12, 2011 -- I divorced in 2009. My ex-wife and I are on good terms but her name is still on the deed of our marital home. Am I in contempt of court and am I protected for my two children, 17 and 13, who are the sole beneficiaries of my will? » Read More
Get with the Plan
May 3, 2009 -- Debt is weighing heavily on Norma and Pete. Not only do they have a mortgage, but the couple has more than $26,000 in credit card debt from home renovations, more than $24,000 in business loan obligations from a failed business, $95,000 in personal loan debt with a family member, car and college loans. The Star-Ledger asked Jennifer Murray, a certified financial planner with Stonebridge Financial Advisors in Morristown, to help get the couple's finances in order. » Read More
Ask the Biz Brain
February 4, 2009 -- I rent office space in a commercial building. The landlord could be in financial trouble. If he goes out of business or sells, could my contract with him be in jeopardy or modified by the new owner to my
disadvantage? » Read More
Ask the Biz Brain

February 1, 2009 -- Must Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) payouts be included as total income to ensure the limit is not exceeded for making a conversion from an IRA to a Roth IRA? I turned 70 on Oct. 1 last year and took my first RMD before year's end. Did I have to take it in view of the recent legislation? If not, is there any way to undo it? » Read More

Get a Clue About Your 401(k)

January 18, 2009 - If you've got a big company pension coming your way, you're one of the lucky few. If you think Social Security will cover your expenses after you leave work, you've either got an unusually low cost of living or, more likely, you're kidding yourself. » Read More

Investment News

March 31, 2008 - "To Help Ensure a Comfortable Retirement - Plan Early." The earlier investors begin to plan, the better the chance that they will have saved enough money for retirement. But, judging by their actions, clients are in no rush to create a plan. » Read More

Ask the Biz Brain

February 28, 2008 -- I am getting laid off with a severance of 104 weeks of pay. Can I take the entire amount of the severance and be responsible for the taxes owed? Also, am I allowed to take my pension (a six-figure amount) in a lump sum payout? » Read More

Investment News

May 7, 2007 - "Women Advisers Deal with Unique Issues." Female financial advisers tend to face issues that are different from those of their male colleagues, according to a gathering of women advisers. » Read More

Ask the Biz Brain

December 5, 2007 -- My daughter, age 15, will earn around $1,000 in re ported income this year. I would like her to have the full $1,000 to fund her entertainment expenses for the ensuing school year. A friend suggested I let her keep the money but also con tribute up to $1,000 on her behalf to an IRA. What do you think of this? If I do open an IRA for her, should I choose a Roth? » Read More

Independent Press

October 25, 2006 - "Women Should Take Account Of Their Family's Finances." Women need to know more about their family's finances. That means being more aware of financial issues and being prepared to make financial decisions alone. » Read More

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